If you ride a motorcycle, then you have your head in the right place!

For your safety, style and comfort, you can choose the most suitable helmet for you.

At Soulful Bikes, we follow a strict quarantine and hygiene protocol for our helmets.

  • Standard for Rider Included
  • Stardard for Passenger 5€ per day
  • Modular Helmet Upgrade +8€ per day
  • Full Face Helmet + Cardo 15€ per day
  • Full Face Helmet + Cardo X2 25€ per day


Gadgets help each rider to his destination and bring the motorcycle community together. No matter what type of bike we ride, we all love to share our videos and pictures. And most of us can never have enough!

  • GPS 10€ per day
  • GoPro Fusion 360º 25€ per day
  • GoPro Hero 7 15€ per day
  • Phone Holder 5€ per day


Wearing the right clothes makes motorcycle riding much more enjoyable. Whether it's a jacket, waterproof clothing, or a pair of leather gloves, we have everything you need.

  • Jacket 8€ per day
  • Trousers 8€ per day
  • Gloves 5€ per day

Riding Concierge

The Riding Concierge is a road partner who accompanies you on the road as a special guest. Whether you desire exquisite food, wine tasting, fabulous scenery or delicious curving roads, no request is left out by the Riding Concierge team.

The Riding Concierge team from Soulful Bikes is unlike anything else in the Algarve, offering new routes through the most incredible landscapes with a professional guide who knows them as the palm of his hand.

  • Half day 180€
  • Full day 280€